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Graduated Uni, lots of free time!

2013-02-25 09:00:51 by Glowandstar

Man i've been playing DMC, Black Ops 2, Dead Space 3, and Metal Gear Rising all very passionately. This is bad, im usually more productive, but i guess my entire body can't believe university's done.

Anyway here's a new version of the orb collectable from the game "Vibe" im working on,
Improved some oldies and im at the verge of uploading another piece for the game,

stay tuned for that!

Graduated Uni, lots of free time!


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2013-02-25 12:09:21

You better get back to work or you will quickly find your life in shambles. And never stop learning. Motherfucker.

Glowandstar responds:

dude. its scared.


2013-02-26 00:36:00

Welcome to the world of /too/ much free time.