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Got a good game idea?

2013-01-18 21:51:57 by Glowandstar

Ever had a dream about flying or jumping high?
Well im currently working on a game that expresses just that.

The game is called Vibe, It is a First Person Collect game and your goal is to collect orbs so you can jump higher or run faster bit by bit, which is pretty fun, but if you guys can pitch more ideas into it, i would love that and instantly start working if its good enough.

Well coding isn't my thing, i've started to have a fondness to it.
im a super basic visual programmer so go easy on me, haha.

here's the sound track to inspire: Wonderfall

and here are screen shots of what i've done so far:

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3
Screen 4


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2013-01-19 00:05:58

i think that you should make it a horror like kind of game with jeff the killer as the main enemy

(Updated ) Glowandstar responds:

interesting haha, although this shouldn't be one. But thanks for the thoughts!